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Accounts + Payment

Your payment address details and cash settlement terms are entered into Target’s Accounts Payable system when you are set up to become a Supplier at Target. This system will automatically generate a direct debit to your bank account at the end of the settlement period.

Invoicing Requirements

To ensure that payment is made at the end of the settlement period, it is essential that your invoice be passed prior to the system’s processing deadlines. Achieve this by meeting the following requirements:

based on delivery method, you can select your invoice method

Distribution Centre (DC) deliveries

There are two categories of DC deliveries

Non Evaluated Receipt Settlement compliant Suppliers

One invoice per purchase order per delivery site must be e-mailed to: or faxed to 03 52462069.

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) compliant Suppliers

No invoice is required. Payment is automatically generated on receipt of goods at the DC.


Direct to Store (DTS) Deliveries

 An electronic invoice must be provided as outlined in our DTS Electronic Invoice Supplier Overview. A packing slip is to accompany the stock sent to stores. Packing Slips and invoices are to be placed in a clear “Invoice Enclosed Envelope” on a side of the carton.

Please contact the Target Invoice Processing Manager 03 52462331 to finalise and confirm the invoicing requirements.

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Invoices must include the following:

  • Delivery address and store number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Description of Product as per Target Contract
  • Total unit quantity Unit costs ex GST
  • Extended unit costs ex GST
  • Product APN or Target SKU
  • Include a total GST value at the bottom
  • Comply with GST legislation

Please note that where an invoice is received late, the settlement period will commence from the date of receipt of the invoice rather than from the week or month  the goods were delivered.


Target does not reconcile accounts however to enable us to monitor your account and identify problems earlier please forward a monthly statement to


Supplier Services Customer Service Desk on 03 52462261


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