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GS1 Australia is part of a global barcoding and numbering organisation that licences authorised barcode numbers for Australian businesses. Businesses can then put these barcode numbers on their products to sell them locally and globally. To be licensed to use GS1 barcode number, you must become a member of GS1 Australia. Having GS1 Barcodes ensures that each barcode number you are licensed to use is unique. No other businesses can use your barcode numbers or barcodes on their products. Major retailers in Australia require their suppliers to have GS1 Barcodes on their products. GS1 Australia’s Barcode Express website provides a quick and easy way to order your barcode numbers.

Quality Assurance

Target QA department is commited to ensuring our customers receive value for money fashionable quality merchandise that is safe, legally compliant, fit for it's intended purpose and exceeds their expectations. To achive this, we develop strong customer focused supplier relationships and we enforce all legislative mandatory and internal voluntary standards, whilst maintaining the flexibility to operate competitively in the discount department store market.

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Fair Trading

We will adhere to the Trade Practices Act, state legislation and related company policies, including the Coles Group Limited Fair Trading Policy. All policies and procedures will reflect this commitment. We will act and make decisions in accordance with this commitment to Fair Trading. All management will be responsible for ensuring this commitment is implemented and monitored.

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