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International Vendors

"Target has the same priorities in mind when selecting an overseas supplier as when choosing an Australian one. We need to get the right price for our customers, while making sure the supplier can meet our high standards consistently. The reliability of overseas suppliers is crucial to Target. While a competitive price is important, we ensure that price does not come with unacceptable compromises to quality or service level"

Delivering to Target: International Processes 

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For local charges incurred at origin, please contact David MacDonald 

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Product Activity Data: How well does your product sell?

Product Activity Data (PAD) is sales and inventory information for the products that you supply to Target and Target Country. This may help you forecast future demand or manage current stock levels. We can send you Sales, Stock on Hand, Stock on Order and Stock in Transit information on a daily or weekly basis. This information is available at company or store level. If after reading our overview document you decide you would like to receive Product Activity Data for the products you supply, you can download our  Simply complete the PAD setup request form and return to Target eCommerce.


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