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Dear Supplier,

As partof our ongoing focus to deliver greater simplicity and efficiency for oursuppliers and our Supply Chain, we’re excited to announce a new development inthe way that local inbound deliveries are scheduled into the Targetdistribution center network.

Laterthis year, Target Supply Chain will move to a new web-based reservation portalthat will be available 24/7 to suppliers and transport carriers.

This new online system will enable local bookings to be managed through a self-service online kiosk, designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

An internal pilot of the new system is commencing in March and will be followed by a small number of supplier’s testing the system to ensure that it is fully optimised prior to broader roll-out.

At thisstage, no changes are required to the existing ways of working. The currentonline based form booking process will continue as normal.

As thego-live date for each state approaches, you will be notified of the pendingchanges to the booking process and the relevant change dates.

Trainingmaterial to assist both suppliers and carriers in migrating to the new systemwill be provided and made available on the Target Supplier Portal.

We willbe communicating updates and providing more detail on the new booking systemthrough email and the Target Supplier Portal. We look forward to sharing thisgreat new tool with you!


Christina Bolle

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