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21 June 2013

Reinstating Colour Coded Carton Tape

Target Australia has reviewed changes that will improve the way we support our stores and ensure greater speed to market to meet the needs of our customers.

A key initiative for Target is to have colour coded tape reinstated on all inbound cartons which allow for greater visibility of stock within the DC and stores. This initiative requires cartons to be sealed with a colour coded tape containing the Target business group.

Colour Coded Carton Tape containing department name
Example of a carton containing menswear products to be sealed with blue coloured tape with ‘Menswear’ clearly printed on the tape. 

For more information please view our colour coded tape colours and specifications document.

Store display Cartons and Target business group ‘Electronics’ does not require colour coded tape. Suppliers can continue to apply generic clear or brown tape. View a list of departments that are excluded

Effective immediately all cartons delivered into Target Australia will require colour coded tape.

Suppliers should begin contacting their local tape and packaging provider who can assist with meeting the requirements. Alternatively, you can view a list of our tape and packaging providers.

Please direct any questions about this change to your contact in the Target buying office.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours Sincerely,

Gregory Dennis

Supply Chain Manager
Business Development
Target Australia Pty Ltd

Target. 100% happy.

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