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Getting Started with EDI


"Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic transmission of business documents in a standard format, between two trading partners".

 To ensure the most efficient supply chain possible, Target requires all local trading partners to be EDI compliant for all deliveries into Target distribution centres. Solution providers specialise in connecting businesses. They can help you connect to Target and meet our EDI messaging and scan packing requirements.

getting started

EDI business example

The Target buying office prepares an order and has it approved. The EDI order is translated by Target into an EDI document called a Purchase Order (PO). The EDI Purchase Order is then transmitted to the supplier via the Internet (using AS2) or through a Value Added Network (VAN).

The supplier then processes the order and sends Target an Advance Ship Notice (ASN) to let Target know which products are being delivered for the order.

After the stock has been delivered and processed at the Distribution Centre (DC) Target's Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) process starts and sends a summary Recipient Created Tax Invoice to the supplier. This sRCTI advises the supplier of the payment that will be automatically generated in the Target system.

If any product was on the ASN, but was not physically delivered to the DC, Target send an ASN Discrepancy Memo as an email to the supplier, stating exactly which products were not received.

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)

Vendors are required to complete an accreditation process prior to delivery into any Target distribution centres. This will ensure vendors have a full understanding of the delivery requirements of our Regional Distribution Centres.

Product Activity Data: How well does your product sell?

Product Activity Data (PAD) is sales and inventory information for the products that you supply to Target and Target Country. This may help you forecast future demand or manage current stock levels. We can send you Sales, Stock on Hand, Stock on Order and Stock in Transit information on a daily or weekly basis. This information is available at department or store level. If after reading our overview document you decide you would like to receive Product Activity Data for the products you supply, you can download our  PAD Setup Request Form and return it to Target eCommerce.

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