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Electronic Trading Overview

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the "electronic transmission of business documents in a standard format between two trading partners"

Electronic Trading is our way of doing business where pick and pack services are required. EDI will allow Target to give you our store allocations, making sure we have the right stock in the right stores and reducing carton costs for you. It is how products will physically move from you, our suppliers, through our distribution centres and stores to our customers. Information is transmitted using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) business documents.

 Electronic Trading embodies three key principles

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Speed
  • Integrity

Electronic Trading is about removing manual processes and paper (where possible) and replacing them with electronic transactions. Because of these developments, a new level of co-operation is required with you our trading partners.

Mandatory Transactions

The following transactions are mandatory if you are dealing with Target via EDI.

  • Purchase Order
  • Functional Acknowledgement
  • Advanced Ship Notice
  • Product Activity Data

High Level Electronic Trading process flow

 Electronic Trading Overview

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