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Implementing an EDI Solution

Your current electronic trading status and your internal processes will determine how much you need to do.
You may have already partially completed some of the steps, so communicating with our team will confirm your requirements. 

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The six simple steps to implement an EDI solution overseas are:

  1. GS1 Registration
  2. Researching an appropriate solution
  3. Pre-implementation plan
  4. Solution Installation 
  5. Testing
  6. Go-Live

Compulsory GS1 Registration

"The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world"

If you are dealing with Target via EDI, you are required to register your company with GS1.

On registration GS1 will allocate you a unique membership number, also known as your company prefix. Your company prefix is used in all aspects of the EDI process, both in physical flow of goods (bar codes) and within the electronic documents.
The following unique numbers are created using the same GS1 Company Prefix and are used in all EDI messages:

  • Global Location Number (GLN, formally EDI address), identifying parties and locations
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN, also known as EAN or APN) identifying goods and services

This company prefix number will uniquely identify your company on the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) labels you apply to each carton.

Additional services you might request from your EDI Solution Provider 

EDI Education and Training

  • Provide educational services that explain how EDI Pick n Pack processing will work within a factory or warehouse
  • Provide knowledge about EDI transaction processing and EDI standards
  • Integrating EDI documents with existing systems (is applicable – forecasting/ stock level management etc.)

Current Environment Analysis

  • Determine existing standards, processes and procedures
  • Outline capabilities not currently met in the factory or warehouse

EDI Implementation Support

  • Determine requirements to convert existing standards, processes and procedures
  • Apply training and system solutions for capabilities previously not met in the factory or warehouse
  • Meet and discuss EDI solution with technical and functional EDI support staff
  • Develop EDI implementation plan, based on deadlines/milestones
  • Implement EDI solution and training
  • Go through the accreditation process with Target eCommerce and vendor


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