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Solution Provider Selection

"It is essential that you discuss with any solution provider what kind of system integration you require and what level of support you need"

 EDI Solution Providers that meet Target's requirements

Factors to Consider when selecting a Solution Provider


  1. Transaction Volume
    Approximately how many EDI transactions (Purchase Orders, ASNs etc.) will you be sending and receiving each day, week, or month?

  2. Expected Growth
    Do you expect your volume to increase substantially in the next year or so? Is the EDI solution robust enough to meet your company’s needs?

  3. Order Size
    How many products (GTINs/APNs/EANs/SKUs) will be on the orders, what are the expected volumes (in units) and for how many stores are you doing Pick n Pack?

  4. Staff Requirements
    What staff and level of experience will be required to administer the EDI solution?

  5. Compatibility
    Will the solution meet all of your Trading Partners’ EDI requirements? Will it easily work with your current processes and meet your needs? Does the EDI provider have experience in your industry, or with your trading partners?

  6. Integration
    Do you intend for EDI documents to be seamlessly integrated into (and out of) a current software system? If so, does the EDI solution have this capability, and does the EDI provider have experience with your software system?

  7. Implementation Time and Cost
    Does the proposed solution include everything you need for a quick and painless implementation: Software, installation, trading partner setup, training, maintenance and support? How long should it take to be fully operational with EDI, and how much will it cost?

  8. Support
    How will ongoing support be handled? Does it require on-site visits, or can it be handled remotely? What days and hours is support available? Are there any additional costs?

  9. Technology
    Will the EDI solution be adaptable to changing standards and methods of communication? Will the solution be able to adapt to changes initiated by your Trading Partners?

  10. Routing
    How will your EDI documents be routed to and from your trading partners? If a Value Added Network (VAN) is required, what are your options? Is direct communication over the Internet available (AS2 connection or a web portal interface)?


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