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Target Essentials Transit Label

Target Australia has reviewed changes that will improve the way we support our stores and ensure greater speed to market to meet the needs of our customers.

A key initiative for Target is to have a new Target Essentials label applied to all inbound cartons which contain Target essentials labelled product. This will allow for greater visibility of stock within the DC and stores.

Cartons must have three Essentials labels affixed to the outside of the carton.

One label must be affixed to the top of the carton and one on two opposing sides. (See below diagram A)

Labels must be 150mm x 150mm, with red background and white writing. (See below diagram B).

Labels may be locally produced if compliant with size and colour specifications, or may be ordered from one of our preferred label providers.

Diagram A. Example of a carton with label location requirements

Diagram B. Example of a label size and format

For more information relating to Label size and format please view our colourcoded tape colours and label specifications section on this website.

Suppliers should begin contacting their local tape and packaging provider who can assist with meeting the requirements. Alternatively, you can view a list of our tape and packaging providers.

Please direct any questions about this change to your contact in the Target buying office.

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