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3PL - Third Party Logistics

Providers that have operational scan pack equipment installed which meets Target requirements

ABN - Australian Business Number

Used to register companies for the collection of GST and the ability to claim Input Tax Credits

ADM -ASN Discrepancy Memo

Issued via email where the full amount for an ASN has not been received at the DC

APN - Australian Product Number

Number assigned to a registered product by GS1 now called GTIN

AQIS - Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

Government Department responsible for protection of Australia from exotic (foreign)pests and diseases. Includes plant, IFIP, animal and general divisions.

AS2 - Applicability Statement

Specification about how to transport data securely and reliably over the Internet

ASN - Advanced Shipping Notice

EDI record containing Suppliers packing details for a shipment

BOL - Bill Of Lading

A traditional Shipping document that is both a Contract of Carriage and Document of Title to the merchandise depicted therein. If issued by a Shipping Line it is referred to as an Ocean Bill Of Lading. If issued by a Freight Forwarder/Consolidator, it is referred to as a House Bill of Lading.

Case Pack ID - Case Pack Identification

Cartons in which merchandise are allocated based on Style / Keycode (i.e. size and/or colour) according to pre-determined quantities

CFS - Container Freight Station

Nominated freight Forwarders warehouse.

CGA - Coles Group Asia

A division of the Wesfarmers group that acts as a buying agent for Target.

Channel - Channel of distribution

The method by which merchandise is physically flowed through the Target supply chain.

Chop - Company Stamp and Signature

CI - Commercial Invoice

Vendor Invoice for price of merchandise

Class A

The Class A is a form of receipt that advises ISC that the freight forwarder has either taken a booking, or taken possession of merchandise from the supplier.

Class B

The Class B is a manifest-like document provided by the freight forwarder. It is generated by the freight forwarder when the merchandise has been shipped

CO - Country of Origin

Declaration Documentissued by an external authorised body such as a Chamber of Commerce. This document provides independent evidence that the material being imported is of a particular origin.

CRC - Central Returns Centre

Warehouse for Target Reverse Logistics

CRC - Cargo Release Certificate

Document issued to the vendor and Freight Forwarder confirming goods have undergone QC inspection and can be shipped.

CSC - China Store Consolidation

This is the process by which merchandise is shipped directly to stores from the wharf – therefore ‘by-passing’ the use of a DC.

CYCY - Container Yard to Container Yard

Supplier packs their own Full Container and delivers it directly to the wharf for loading. Can also be referred to as Full Container Load (FCL).

DC - Distribution Centre

Location where stock is received consolidated and dispatched to stores

DGC - Dangerous Goods Certificate

Certificate required under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code providing product details, United Nations Code, Class / Division and Packing Group for Dangerous Goods. e.g.Perfumes, Batteries

DTS - Direct To Store

Delivery method where goods are delivered to the store rather than the DC

EAN - European Article Number

Number assigned to a registered product by GS1 now called GTIN

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Method of sending documents between two systems in a universal format

ERS - Evaluated Receipt Settlement

Process that automatically creates payment to suppliers without the need for any kind of invoice

EXW - Ex-works

Buying term – The supplier fulfils their obligation when the merchandise has been made available at their premises (i.e. works, factory, warehouse, etc) to Target. Target must pay all costs involved in taking the merchandise from the suppliers premises to the desired destination, i.e. Cartage from suppliers premises to port of shipment,freight, local-wharf charges and cartage from wharf to DC.

FCA - Free to Carrier - at Named Place.  Eg. FCA Shanghai

Goods handed over, cleared for Customs, at the nominated carrier This is usually where the container is packed

FCL - Full Container Load

Container is packed to its full capacity.

FCR - Forwarders' Cargo Receipt

A document to prove transfer of ownership of stock usually on receipt at Freight Forwarder/Consolidator premises.

FF - Freight Forwarder

A party that accepts many small shipments and builds them into larger shipments, generating economies of scale. The term Freight Forwarder (FF) is also sometimes used to describe the consolidator activities. Since this requirement document covers both air and sea movements we prefer to use this term.

FIFO - First In First Out

Queue processing technique What comes in first is handled first, what comes in next waits until the first is finished

FLD - Factory Load Declaration

A manifest of the container to give quantity, CBM, GWT by purchase order and Case PACK ID

FOB - Free On Board

Supplier must pay all costs necessary to load the merchandise on board the vessel.  The brand must pay the ocean freight, local-wharf charges and cartage from wharf to DC.

FPD - Factory Pack Declaration

Applies for Supplier Packed containers, this is a notation at the bottom of the invoice stating the date the container was packed and left the Suppliers premises and the cost of transport to deliver that container to the Wharf Terminal.

GP - General Purpose

In Reference to a container type “General Purpose”

GS1 - Global Solutions 1

Regulating industry standards for EDI Company responsible for issuing the Company Code required for SSCC labels and issue of GTINs

GTIN - Global Trade Identification Number

GTIN describes a family of GS1 global data structures

HC - High Cube

In Reference to a container type by size“High Cube”

ISC - International Supply Chain

International Supply Chain (see Supply Chain)


Internal Target product number Usedin Target systems to identify products along with the GTIN

Landed Cost

A single cost in Australian dollars comprising all cost elements involved in obtaining and moving the merchandise to the destination DC.

LCL - Less than Container Load

Less than Container Load

Mate’s Receipt

The receipt provided by DHL at the CFS on receipt of cargo

MIG - Message Implementation Guide

The guidelines for company specific mapping of EDI documents

O/S - Overseas

Pack by Store

Merchandise is packed and labelled for a particular store by supplier/consolidator.

Packaging Configuration

This is the packaging of merchandise ready for use in the DC/stores and/or to minimise the costs associated in transportation. This includes any grouping of cartons to enable ease of handling or sorting, eg slip-sheeting, palletisation, pack by keycode, pack by advertised date, pack by store.

PAD - Product Activity Data (Sales Data)

Sales and inventory information for the products you deliver to Target Palletisation Merchandise is placed upon pallets as opposed to stored ‘loose’.

PO - Purchase Order

Issued to supplier via EDI details goods to be supplied

POS - Point Of Sale

Location where a transaction occurs

QA - Quality Assurance

The process or set of processes used to measure and assure the quality of a product

QC - Quality Control

Post manufacture checks to confirm that merchandise is to the required standard

RA - Return Authorisation

The RA is a formal request for the vendor to provide approval for the return of items

Ratio/Style Pack

The grouping of merchandise to simplify order entry based upon merchandise characteristics (such as colour and size).

RLO - Reverse Logistics

Supply chain dedicated to moving merchandise from the retail store to a final disposition

SC - Supply Chain

is a system of organisations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer

SCM - Serial Container Mark

Name given to full Compliant Label

SKU - Stock Keeping Unit

Unique identifier for each distinct product

SLP - System License Plate

The SLP contains unique information for each item that is used to track, sort or reference the item in the database

SO - Shipping Order

Used to make a booking with Targets nominated Freight Forwarder

sRCTI - Summary Recipient Created Tax Invoice

Issued on receipt of goods at DC

SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code

A unique number allocated to each transport unit (carton or bag) SCM Label

TEU - Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit.

A measure of sea containers based on standard 20 footer. For example 1 40 foot container = 2 TEU.

TUN - Trade Unit Number

Now known as GTIN  The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is a unique identification number for a trade item

UOM - Unit of Measure

This is the unit by which the stock is ordered. It will generally be in (retail)units

VAN - Value Added Network

VANs receive, store and forward EDI messages They can convert data and add error correction

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