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Technical Documents

Don't worry, you will only need these if you are building a custom in-house solution

All Solution Providers dealing with us are aware of our requirements and already know how to interpret our documents. They can help you implement a custom solution or you can buy an off the shelf solution from them. Whether you build your own custom solution or buy a software package from a solution provider, the EDI data will need to be formatted to Target specifications.

This formatting is called mapping and is usually done by your solution provider. Even though all the other retailers you are dealing with can be using ANSI X12 or EDIFACT (EANCOM) standards, EDI guidelines are not universal. The map created for Target Purchase Orders cannot be copied and used for another company, as they likely have their own criteria. You will need an implementation guide for every trading partner. The guidelines for Target mapping are below.

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Purchase Orders

Advance Ship Notice

SCM Shipping Labels

Product Activity Data

Summary Recipient Created Tax Invoice

ASN Discrepancy Memo


** The full EDIFACT Australasian Retail Industry Message Implementation Guideline can be downloaded from GS1 Australia. You can find a link to their website on our External Links page.

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