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July 2013

Target Toy Lay-by Delivery Guidelines

Toy Lay-by 5989 orders ONLY Delivery
Address: Target Distribution Centre 30 – 68
Taras Avenue, Altona VIC 3025

Please familiarise yourself with Tolls Behaviour Policy and Drug and Alcohol Policy


All deliveries MUST be pre-arranged and in writing, at least 48 hours prior to delivery. This can be done by contacting the Toll Booking Office on either or on 9275 9222 with all the order details.
The booking office will arrange a delivery window and a 15 minute ‘grace’ period either side of this time will be accepted.
Full delivery of any purchase order must occur on the same day, even if split across 2 or more loads. This must be communicated when making bookings.
If there are any issues or delays on the day of delivery, please contact the office on 9275 9222 The site can support B Double, side-load and rear load vehicles.
Deliveries will only be accepted across standard business hours Monday through Friday.


Any deliveries that do not comply with these guidelines will be rejected.

All stock is to be received on either CHEP or Loscam only. No other pallets will be accepted.
CHEP account number for transfers into Target is: 1610339399
Loscam account number for transfers into Target is: 339399
Pallets must be stacked to 1.8m maximum and wrapped in CLEAR stretch wrap.
Ensure that all stock is consistently and safely stacked, with consistent carton quantities on each pallet for each particular product If there are low quantities for particular items, up to 3 products can be mixed on a pallet, but this must be clearly identified using a clear ‘mixed products’ A4 page

All deliveries are to have an A4 front page applied to each pallet, stating the following:
Purchase order number (ending in 5989)
Description of goods
Target Keycode
Quantity of units on pallet


CHEP or Loscam transfer docket is required for the total amount of pallets received.
All delivery paperwork MUST contain the following information:
Supplier name
Purchase order number (note – ends in 5989)
Target Keycode and APNs
Product unit quantities and descriptions
Booking details – reference number/date/time


All drivers must have a current and appropriate licence on their person at all times. Drivers will be asked if they are within their legal operating hours.
Drivers may be required to complete a Chain of Responsibility declaration form. Suitable load restraint is required as per legislation.
All incidents and near misses must be reported.
Drivers MUST stop for inspection if required to do so.
Comply with Toll’s ‘Behaviour Standards’ (Tolls Behaviour Policy ).
Follow instructions in case of an emergency.


All persons are to report to main gatehouse office prior to entering and departing warehouse.
Only company issued mobile phones and communication radios are to be used on site.
Other mobile devices are not permitted at any time. Food and drink must be consumed in designated area only.
No children or animals allowed on site. Safety footwear must be worn at all times by operational staff, including contractors.
Visitors MUST wear enclosed footwear and stay on allocated walkways.
Safety vests and/or high visibility tops must be worn at all times.
Specified PPE must be worn when applicable.


Smoking is only permitted in allocated areas.


First aid can be obtained by contacting trained personnel (refer to notice boards). All incidents/near misses MUST be reported.


All spills are to be isolated and then cleaned immediately. PPE must be worn at all times when cleaning spills.


A work permit must be obtained prior to any work commencing on site.


No alcohol or illicit drugs are permitted on site under any circumstances (Toll Drug and Alcohol Policy). Any person impaired by alcohol and/or illicit drugs will be escorted from the site and may be subjected to disciplinary action.


Any person detected misappropriating any stock/goods will be subject to disciplinary action which may result in termination.
All persons must follow directions from security or such trained staff at all times.
Toll retains the rights to randomly audit or inspect vehicles as such required.
Do NOT open any alarmed exit doors.
Do NOT enter restricted areas unless authorised to do so.


In the event of an emergency, a fire alarm will be activated. Please follow area warden’s directions and proceed to the designated evacuation point.
This may be done via the closest exit and/or via any roller door.
Remain calm at all times. Do not panic.


Target Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 75 004 250 944)

12-14 Thompson Road, Nth Geelong Vic 3215 Ph: (03) 5246 2000

Target Australia is 100% Australian owned and has no affiliation with Target Corporation US

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