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GBSS Training

What is GBSS?

GBSS is Target’s Global Buying and Sourcing Solution. It is a web-based tool that helps you interact with Target with greater speed, visibility and accuracy.

As a Target Supplier, you are required to use GBSS to continue to do business with Target. The Target Product Submission (TPS)form and Indent Contract has been replaced by GBSS across all product categories. Suppliers will receive requests for quotes via GBSS and will be required to submit all costing and delivery details directly into GBSS.

Why is GBSSS Important to you?

As a Target Supplier you will need to use GBSS to action the following:

  • Access Technical Pack details
  • Sampling
  • Quality Management
  • Submit a Quote
  • Access Order Details and Contracts
  • Booking QC Inspections (where applicable)

When will GBSS be introduced?

GBSS is ready to use, however to have your GBSS account setup/ activated, you are required to complete online training:

On completion, please email to have your account setup / activated.

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